A320 NGF


Concept development of the LCF A320 PTF family conversion is currently under way. This programme is a joint venture between LCF Conversions and ACE Corporation of the USA. When launched this programme will provide main deck freight door capability on A321, A320 and A319 aircraft permitting accommodation of standard industry ULDs on the main and lower decks as follows:

A321 Next Gen: 25 ULDs: (13 AAY/AAA +2, & 10 LL AKH) Total Usable Vol: 215.2 m³ (7602 ft³)


A320 Next Gen: 19 ULDs: (10 AAY/AAA +2, & 7 LL AKH) Total Usable Vol: 167.0 m³ (5898 ft³)


A319 Next Gen: 14 ULDs: (8 AAY/AAA +2, & 4 LL AKH) Total Usable Vol: 132.5 m³ (4679 ft³)