Cliff Duke – CEO Eolia Group

Graduate of the London Business School has over 40 years experience in the aviation business. Following a career in airline management and leasing both with British Airways and other airlines Cliff was founder and CEO of BAE Systems Aviation Services where he gained extensive experience developing aircraft conversion programmes (both OEM and Non OEM programmes) on civil and military aircraft.

Ian Whitehall – Director, Eolia Group

Ian brings extensive experience in the field of contracting aircraft conversion programmes and has been instrumental in developing the Eolia Group’s contractual arrangements / trading structure.


Design and Certification Partners - Aerospace & Consulting Engineering Corporation (ACE Corp)

Randy Schemkes – Co-Owner Aerospace & Consulting Engineering Corporation (ACE Corp)

Randy has BS in Structural Engineering and MS in Aerospace Engineering and has been a FAA Structures DER since 1994. His career includes lead stress positions at various OEMs and since co-founding ACE in 1997 Randy has consulted with OEMs and STC holders on multiple projects to certify TC and STC projects, including after market freighter conversions. He is co-inventor of the LCF patents.

James Curry – Co-Owner (ACE Corp)

James holds advanced degrees in Aerospace Engineering and has over 30 years experience in aviation. His career path has encompassed all aspects of aerospace structural engineering, including materials R&D, analysis, testing, and certification. These skills were honed at various US Government laboratories, OEM and non-OEM organizations, and leading aircraft modification design facilities. As co-founder of Aerospace Consulting & Engineering Corporation (ACE Corp) he has been instrumental in the development and certification of multiple P-to-F conversions. This insight led to his involvement as co-inventor of the LCF patents. Mr Curry is a FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) with principal delegation in Structures.

PROGRAMME - LCF Conversions

Kevin Parker – LCF Programme Manager

Kevin has spent the past 25 years working with major companies to deliver aerospace and defence related projects covering new build, major modifications and conversions including the A300B4 and the A300-600 P2F programmes development with BAE Systems. The projects have involved complex products and challenging supply chains. Kevin’s experience covers all parts of the life cycle from concept, through design & manufacturing, to acceptance and in-service support.

Martin Bleasdale – Consultant: Cargo Handling

Martin studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Bristol, UK and later obtained an Honors Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Nottingham.Martin has been closely involved with the air cargo handling equipment business for 44 years, during which period he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the freighter conversion business. Martin is CEO of consulting and has held senior management positions with PFW Aerospace AG, ANCRA International, Brownline Ltd, Transequip, Alusingen and Envirotainer. Martin was an officer and chairman of the SAE technical committee on Air Cargo Handling and Equipment for many years and is a long-standing member of ISTAT, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading.

C.W. (Pim) van Santen – Consultant: EASA Certification

Pim obtained a master degree Aeronautical Engineering in Germany, Aachen, in 1971. From 1972 Pim was employed by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority where he was primarily responsible for major type certification projects including SF340 & SAAB 2000; A320; F100 & F70; CASA and IPTN CN235; MD90 & MD95. Pim chaired the JAA Certification Committee, CC, during which time JAA CC agreed with the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, on the Generic Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement, Implementation Procedures Airworthiness, BASA IPA. Since 2001 Pim has been working as an independent consultant providing Annex Part 21 training through a contract with the JAA Training Organisation and supporting industry in obtaining EASA Design & Production Organisation approvals, Type Certificates, Supplemental Type Certificates and ETSO Authorisations.

MARKETING - LCF Conversions

Andy Coupland – Consultant: Performance and Operating Economics

Andy has over 35 years experience in commercial aviation. Andy has held EVP positions in cargo and passenger airlines, co-founded and ran (as CEO) the ground-breaking and highly successful Independent Aviation Group (“IAG”) for 10 years. Specialisms are numerical business modeling, aircraft performance and economics together with development and implementation of innovative business concepts in commercial aviation.

William D. Stockbridge – Consultant: Marketing

Bill has more than 35 years experience in cargo and passenger airline managemet - is Chairman of PEOPLExpress and Managing Director of Hillview Aviation Ltd., a subsidiary of Diplomat Freight Service (DFS). Bill is a member of the board of directors of Global Aviation Holdings as an Independent Director and sits on the Audit Committee and Corporate Governance committees. Bill has held senior positions with major aviation companies including: Founder and CEO of Potomac Capital, Engine Lease Finance Ltd. Bill was Founder, President and CEO of Gemini Air Cargo, Chief Executive Officer of Centurion Air Cargo, Chairman of Tradewinds and CEO of MAXjet. Bill is a US Air Force veteran and has BS degree in Aviation Maintenance Management.

Charles Roberson – Consultant: Marketing

Charles has been involved with aviation for more than 40 years in a wide variety of roles and has spent the last 15 years of his career in the cargo business with both an airline and an agency viewpoint. He is an experienced CEO with sales, marketing and operational expertise having started his career as an overseas airport and country manager with British Airways; moving through a five year period where he ran a travel and GSA business for a multinational in the Middle East he then joined DHL Aviation as GM Commercial and ran their intercontinental JV with Lufthansa Cargo before assuming the role of key coordinator of the AeroLogic project for DHL and creating a joint venture cargo airline with 8 B777F aircraft from scratch in two years. Since leaving DHL he has run his own business and acted as MD and CEO for Swissport's UK cargo business at LHR.