Minimising Risk on the Widebody (B777, A340/330) Programme

LCF has secured access to a number of operational Airbus aircraft and in addition has purchased three B777 fuselage barrel sections which has enabled potential problems to be identified and the impact of the proposed LCF system changes to be tested out before committing to the final design.

This ongoing risk mitigation programme has provided confidence that the LCF designs are appropriate and practical and will avoid major rework late in the design and installation stages.

As part of this programme LCF has undertaken tests to identify the impact of:

• LCF conversion associated equipment removal, main deck fire shutoff procedures and the modification of the temperature control on the main deck
     • No unacceptable cockpit / maintenance messages were displayed associated with these changes

• The location of the LCF Main Deck cut outs in relation to the FBY wiring runs
     • Confirmed that there is no impact

• Loading and turning 125”x96” containers through 90° in the Lower Lobe areas adjacent to the cargo doors
     • Confirmed that after the LCF modifications to the Lower Hold door guides a 125” x 96” container can be turned as required.