The Eolia Group was formed in 2003 to develop and invest in a passenger to freighter conversion programme for Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

This programme is managed through a joint venture (PSF Conversions LLP) and today a fleet of PSF converted Boeing 747-400 freighters are in operation with leading cargo operators.

For further details, see: www.psfconversions.com

In 2006, the Eolia Group invested in the Avinco Group, a provider of innovative trading, leasing, financing and management solutions for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

For further details, see: www.avinco.net

The Eolia Group is currently seeking opportunities to expand its business through involvement in other conversion programmes, particularly its Low Cost Freighter conversion programme.

The Eolia Group draws on and retains services from amongst the world’s leading experts in civil aircraft conversion.