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LCF stands for Low Cost Freighter - offering practical and affordable cabin conversion solutions for 3rd and 4th generation widebody passenger aircraft on their retirement from pax operations. The LCF conversion programme is not an investment in just one conversion programme for one specific aircraft type - it's a conversion solution for all the 3rd and 4th generation widebody pax aircraft fleets. Although conversion to freighter is the main conversion option, the installation of an LCF lift opens up a range of alternative-use configurations as well as freighter conversions.

The LCF concept is based on a lift system that uses the existing lower hold cargo doors for loading/unloading, utilises cut-outs in the main deck floor to accommodate the lift platforms which move cargo between the main and lower decks without any loss of area available on the lower or main decks for payloads and at all times adopting design solutions that do not change the existing pax certification limits of the donor aircraft. For more information, click here.

The reality is that any pax aircraft designed after the late 1990s will not convert into a freighter at low cost, the aircraft are optimized for weight saving and conventional main deck door cargo conversion modifications will be expensive and add on weight, compromising the overall performance. By not changing the certified limits of the donor airframe the LCF conversion can match or better the performance of competing conversion programmes at a fraction of the cost of such programmes.

The Payload Range of the LCF converted aircraft is exceptional and extremely competitive. The LCF conversion will enable operators to develop niche market opportunities at a fraction of the cost currently involved deploying traditional new build and converted cargo aircraft.

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